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top 40 singles of 2005

It's that time again! Here are what I think are the unbeatable singles of 2005.

[Ed note. All release date determinations are based on the UK record industry. These are all properly released singles that were sold separately from/in addition to an album or compilation between January 1 and December 31, 2004 in the UK. The U.S. is fucked up with its release dates and they don't really release proper singles anymore. Top Dance Tracks/Remixes will be posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2004. Top Albums will be posted on Wednesday, December 28, 2004.]


40 the darkness - one way ticket
39 james blunt - you're beautiful
38 new order - krafty
37 gwen stefani feat eve - rich girl
36 stephen fretwell - emily
35 supergrass - st. petersburg
34 ed harcourt - loneliness
33 bloc party - two more years
32 mew - apocalypso
31 super furry animals - lazer beam
30 josh rouse - it's the nighttime
29 girls aloud - biology
28 saint etienne - a good thing
27 roísín murphy - if we're in love
26 the magic numbers - forever lost
25 charlotte hatherley - bastardo
24 coldplay - talk
23 kaiser chiefs - i predict a riot
22 doves - black and white town
21 nine black alps - unsatisfied
20 rihanna - pon de replay
19 gorillaz feat shaun ryder - dare
18 the brand new heavies - surrender
17 girls aloud - wake me up
16 hal - play the hits
15 hard-fi - cash machine
14 funeral for a friend - streetcar
13 sugababes - push the button
12 inaya day - nasty girl
11 madonna - hung up
10 kelly clarkson - since u been gone
09 goldie lookin chain - r'n'b
08 elbow - forget myself
07 the tears - lovers
06 hard-fi - hard to beat
05 saint etienne - side streets
04 razorlight - somewhere else
03 oasis - let there be love
02 röyksopp - only this moment
01 the new rhodes - i wish i was you


i can pretty much say that i can't listen to most of those bands and the closest band in that list that i listen to is FFAF but they annoy me since i have been unlucky to have seem them live 3 times and everytime they have just been gawd awful
perhaps you could post a list of your year in review favourites to the group...
the post was ment not to be a arguement starter, everyone has different taste and that is fair to them, plus i don't really keep up with the charts or bands like that

if i was to list albums or bands i have listened to alot over the past year it would be alot but the main ones are, Coheed and Cambria, Finch, Autopilot Off, Hundred Reasons, This Is Menace, Melt Banana, Institute, KMFDM, Millencolin, Bad Religion, Rise Against, The Lucky Nine, Therapy?, Nine Inch Nails, The Used, The Prodigy, and Mad Capsule Markets
no worries

I only intend my list to be a conversation starter anyways. I always like to see other people's lists to get music recommendations and see what people who have differing tastes have in common. FFAF and Therapy? would be two common interests between us. But I haven't seen a Therapy? album in ages. :(
well the last theraphy? album to come out was Never Apologise Never Explain at the end of last year which is a good album but hopefully some more new material soon.

and i was ment to go see This Is Menace on sunday in London but i can't anymore and the singer from FFAF did a track with them and it is the only song which he sings on that i can't listen to since it sounds more different
and i mean can listen to even, not can't
That's depressing (or not) - I know four of these songs (I know OF several of the bands, mind you).

Maybe I should compile my fave 7" (singles) of the year.
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