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Alt.Homos is the 3rd generation of a community for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered (LGBT) people with an interest in alternative music, culture, lifestyles or art.

This community is for LGBT people who like to live and think outside of the mainstream, outside of stereotypes, outside of labels and classifications and outside of the box that the masses would put us all in. Alt.Homos has been set up to link alternative, free-thinking LGBT people together to discuss music, culture, art or whatever, to meet eachother and to get to know other individuals with similar tastes or lifestyles.

The Rules

1. Community membership is open to anyone who'd like to join. Feel free to post and introduce yourself and above all have a good time, just keep it friendly and keep an open mind.

2. Being mean isn't allowed. Differences of opinion are what we're all about, but respect is expected even if you disagree.

3. Promoting your community / band / website / product is ok but you need to get consent from the moderators before hand. I'd like to keep this community spam-free is possible.

4. Pics are great and definately encouraged, but please put them under a cut and if you've got your winky or your boobies on view make sure you mark it NWS.

NB The title is stuck until LiveJournal allow you to change the name of communities. Sorry for the inconvenience. Sort it out technical people :o)

Any questions or comments, feel free to direct them to the community's maintainer msfg.